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Welcome! Is your company looking for Chicago Recruiters? We can help you! We provide a free service to connect companies with their ideal Chicago recruiting firm.  We have a network of highly qualified, pre-screened recruiters, so when it comes to selecting the right recruiter for you, we have a great variety of agencies to choose from. In general, the process is done in less than 24 hours, so you can start interviewing and hiring for your open position in no time!

Step One: What Do You Need From Your Recruiting Firm?
The first step is to figure out what kind of recruiter would be best suited to your search. We’ll go over with you the details of the position you’re hiring for, the type of candidate you prefer, any industry concerns, any time pressures, and a variety of other specific criteria. Your privacy is of paramount importance in this process.  Your information will be kept strictly confidential at all times.

Step Two: We Search Our Network of Pre-Screened Chicago Recruiters
Once we understand your hiring needs, we’ll begin the process of matching you with the ideal recruiting firm. We’ll consider the nature of your search, your chosen fee structure (retained or contingency), and the industry you work in to select a recruiter who will have the right experience to handle your search.  It’s very important to us to put you in good hands, so we always make sure a recruiter has direct experience in your industry and a strong history of success before we select them for you.

Step Three: We Introduce You
We’ll assist you in setting up the first meeting or a phone interview. Generally we can get you in touch with the recruiter within 24 hours.

Step Four: Give Us Your Feedback
We love to hear about how your hiring process is going, or how it went once it’s over! Please write or call us and let us know about any great candidates you saw, or any challenges you faced and how they were solved. Your feedback helps us polish our process so that we can make recruiting a better experience for everyone involved.