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the process

The process we use to match Chicago companies with their ideal recruiters is constantly evolving. We rely on your needs and concerns to dictate how we go about selecting your ideal recruiting agency. We examine your situation from a variety of perspectives: we look at the position you’re hiring for, the type of candidate you’ve imagined, your location in Chicago, and any specific industry requirements you may have. Most often, we can connect you with your ideal recruiter in under 24 hours. Once you begin working with your recruiter, we will be there every step of the way to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

Step One: What Kind of Recruiter Do You Need?
We’ll help you set some criteria which we’ll use to select your ideal recruiting firm. We’ll ask you about the position you’re hiring for, the industry you work in, the type of candidate you’re seeking, and where your company located in Chicago. The information you share with us will always be kept completely confidential. Your privacy is of the utmost importance.

Step Two: We Select Your Ideal Chicago Recruiter
We’ll search our broad database of highly qualified, respected Chicago recruiters to find the perfect firm for your particular search. We’ll consider the specific needs of your search, the position for which you’re hiring, and your time constraints to determine the right recruiter for your company. We’ll consider the position you’re hiring for, the qualities you’d like in a candidate, the nature of your industry, and other criteria to choose a recruiting company who would be best suited to you.

Step Three: We’ll Connect You with the Recruiter
We’ll coordinate with you and the recruiting firm to arrange a phone call or meeting. Most of our clients are thrilled with the first recruiting firm we send them to, but in case you’re not convinced, we’ll have a few other headhunters ready to meet with you.

Step Four: Evaluation
Please call and check in during or after the hiring process! We love hearing about your experience and any positives or negatives of working with your recruiter. Our process is hugely informed by the feedback we receive from our clients so don’t hesitate!